The Evening Cast Questions Tour


“When I listen to songs by The Evening Cast, I am struck with the sensation: “OH!! YES!!! These kids are absolutely extraordinary.”– Clare Bowditch
‘Questions is Inspired. Vigorous and Triumphant” Nashville Music News
‘Releasing Incredible song after incredible song!’ Sounds Of OZ

“An endearing stage presence, wonderful vocals and solid musicianship.. this ambient five-piece have been turning heads all around Australia!” Tone Deaf

“Questions is the most confident and accomplished sound that The Evening Cast have produced.. buoyant indie-pop melodies anchored in a turbid, brooding undertow.”

QUESTIONS ‘delves into soulful and relatable lyrics, which are supported by a wholesome and pulsating progression to create an artful track.’

“Wow!! I love that! It’s a million dollar song” – George McEnroe, ABC.

We are also excited to announce QUESTIONS are sitting at No.10 on the Australian Music Radio Airplay Charts. Thanks to all the stations around Australia who have been spinning it!




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