Factory – The New Single


The Evening Cast present Factory, the first achingly strong single from their anticipated upcoming 7 track E.P. Mastered by Grammy nominated Joe Laporta (Bjork, Boy & Bear, Foo Fighters) from The Lodge, New York City and produced by Marty Brown (Clare Bowditch, Art of Fighting) at Stand Alone Studios, Melbourne.
With passion bursting in his veins, Joel Cooper delivers the line ‘don’t you tell me that we’re not meant for each other’ with such force it was just as Producer Marty Brown had pictured, the listener being the punching bag and the vocals being the WHACK! Though for this song, it wasn’t as easy as walking up to a mic and singing. After deleting the whole first session of vocal takes, both Brown and Cooper spent time gaining the right headspace and were not satisfied until each line was delivered with the guts it required.

It was late one evening, the week before recording was to begin, that this song surfaced and stopped rehearsals in its track. Determined to make the song ready for recording, The Evening Cast worked and worked in the thick of the night to create a song that would propel itself forward and capture a drive and courage that listeners had not previously heard. It was this somewhat desperate energy that became the songs life. ‘Factory’ has become the kind of song that finds itself at end of The Evening Casts live set, due to the physical and emotional demand it requires to perform it correctly, leaving the audience with an electrify energy and that contagious melody stuck in their head.


4 thoughts on “Factory – The New Single

  1. That presentation was absolutely wonderful——-your talent obviously did not flow from your middle aged uncle.Auntie Marilyn and I are very proud of your achievements and we look forward to witnessing your future exciting journey.

  2. OMG this is totally awesome. Very Professional and I love the very catchy beat. I was excited the very moment Joel told me about the clip. This is the definition of EPIC

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